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Book Club "Deep Wheel Orcadia" by Harry Josephine Giles - OSFBC

| Otherland (Bergmannstraße 25, 10961 Berlin)

On Friday December  15th at 19:30 we will meet to discuss Harry Josephine Giles' 2021 novel "Deep Wheel Orcadia". The novel is written in verse, both in Orcadian (the Scottish dialect spoken on the Orkney island) and with English translation underneath.

An audiobook of this novel (read by the author) is available at our audiobook partner libro.fm .

Please remember that we ask everyone:

* to register beforehand (email service@otherland-berlin.de) and please cancel if it turns out you can't make it)

* take a COVID test on the day (self-tests are fine)

* only come if you're feeling healthy


Start time is 19:30, drinks and snacks are available, hope to see you here!


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