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Science fiction novels are the heart of the Otherland, whether you’re looking for the original of the newest streaming series adaptation or a venerable classic. Older and out of print books can be found in our second hand section more ].

Fantasy readers can also find a veritable cornucopia of authors and subjects: epics by Tolkien and Martin, adventures from Bardugo to Brett, cult books from Pratchett to Miéville or extraordinary world-building from Jemisin to Sanderson, you can discover and check out whole series or standalone novels more ].

Our horror section could have the alternative title “phantastical literature other than science fiction and fantasy”. Besides King, Lovecraft ,Shirley Jackson and other chroniclers of terror it also contains less conventional tales of the macabre and the weird more ].

Our young adult section holds Potter and Panem alongside several of the favourite works from our own childhood, from Krabat to Lindgren more ].

Our pen and paper role playing game section has grown to respectable size over the years and holds perennial favourites such as D&D and Cthulhu, but also many indie games with ingenious concepts, crazy settings or elaborate stories more ].

And for those books that are simply no longer available we have our second hand section, where you can find the rare gem you’ve been seeking for ages more ].

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